New POLILAN Catalog: Technical Solutions for Communication Cable Installations

Lapp Policabos is pleased to announce the launch of our latest catalog: the POLILAN Network Communications Infrastructure Catalog. This catalog was designed to meet our customers’ copper and fiber optic communication needs. It will become a reference in the communications network infrastructure sector with various products and technical solutions.

Exploring the Solutions Offered

The POLILAN Communications Network Infrastructure Catalog features a comprehensive range of solutions that address the challenges of communications cable installations. This catalog is an indispensable source for professionals looking for reliable, high-quality products, from copper to fiber optic cables, accessories, and wall cabinets.

In this article, we will explore some of the catalog’s key offerings:


In the copper categories, we offer advanced products that ensure the performance and reliability needed for modern communication networks. With Cat6 and Cat6A cables with different types of shielding, customers can choose the solution best suited to their specific needs. Through advanced manufacturing techniques, our copper cables offer impressive data transmission speeds while minimizing interference and maximizing the efficiency of installations.

Fiber Optic

For fiber optic applications, we offer a wide selection of cables that meet the requirements for indoor and outdoor installations. With various types of shielding available, our fiber optic cables ensure high mechanical strength and protection against adverse environmental factors. In addition, we also provide hybrid lines, which combine the advantages of copper and fiber optic technologies, allowing seamless integration into complex communication systems.

Accessories and Cabinets

In addition to cables, the POLILAN Communications Network Infrastructure Catalog offers a wide range of copper and fiber optic cable accessories. These accessories facilitate communication system installation, maintenance, and management. From connectors and adapters to specialized tools, we provide everything you need to create a high-quality cable infrastructure.

The catalog also includes wall cabinets and pedestals to accommodate and protect communications equipment. With robust and functional designs, these cabinets ensure cable systems’ proper security and performance.

Technical Resources and Guides

To help our customers choose the right products and implement their cable installations, the Communications Network Infrastructure Catalog includes quick-choice guides and comprehensive technical guides. These resources provide detailed information about the product’s technical specifications, performance characteristics, and installation guidelines. These guides will be of great value to professionals who want to get the most out of their cable systems.

With the launch of the POLILAN Communications Network Infrastructure Catalog, our company reaffirms its commitment to providing quality technical solutions for communications cable installations. With various products and comprehensive technical resources, we are ready to meet our customers’ specific needs for copper and fiber optic cables.

We invite you to explore the new catalog and discover our innovative solutions. Our team of professionals is ready to help you find the best option for your communication needs. Join us in our search for reliable and efficient connections in communication cable installations.

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Download the new POLILAN Communications Network Infrastructure Catalog here.