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Welcome to Lapp Policabos

Lapp Policabos is an importer/exporter and stockist of electrical and optical cables, connectors and accessories, providing technical solutions in the field of cable installations. Started activity in August 1994.

Corporate presentation (download pdf) 

Mission & Vision

Policabos intends to be the reference supplier in the national market, as well as the driver of the Lapp Group’s business in Africa, for electrical and communication cable solutions, connectors and accessories.

We aim to ensure a level of service suited to the needs of our customers and other interested parties, so the quality of products and processes, stock management and technical support should be at the base of our organization.

Involvement and commitment, training and transparency towards all stakeholders and particularly with our employees will be the basis for the success of our mission.



Family business style

Success oriented

customer oriented


Above are the clear values that have strengthened us as a company and family business and that continue to shape our corporate culture today and in the future.

We want to be a company that our employees as well as business partners can trust, as we know that only by working as a team with all of them, we will achieve success.

If we align our behavior with these values every day, if we treat others with loyalty and respect, we will be perpetuating the success story of Grupo Lapp and Policabos.

We serve our customers so that they can become more successful in their markets by finding quick, specific solutions with a competitive price/performance ratio.

This appreciation of the customer and the quest to meet expectations is the basis of a long-term partnership.

Oriented towards a warm and familiar atmosphere towards the working family, we fight cold environments and animosities.

Respect and appreciation are as important as self-responsibility and transparency. We support our employees through training and awareness-raising.

Everything we do is firmly anchored in constant innovation, in order to secure our future.

A successful orientation based on independent stocks and investments is important to ensure our growth and independence.

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