In our highly networked world, continuous learning is essential for organisations since yesterday’s knowledge may already be outdated today. The rapidly changing requirements of our day-to-day lives require us all to be able to learn this new knowledge equally quickly. For this reason companies aim to encourage their employees to continue to educate themselves. Realising this during our day-to-day work is a real challenge however. On the one hand, it requires suitable formats; on the other, employees often lack the time for seminars lasting several hours or even days. LAPP has rolled out its learning and development platform LAPP Grow with this in mind. This offers employees new training formats, which can be integrated perfectly into their day-to-day work. All employees in the LAPP Group will have access to the system by the end of the year.


Globalisation and digitalisation offer countless opportunities – new working methods, new tools and even new business divisions. These changes also involve particular challenges that require special knowledge. This is why LAPP Global HR Development is working on the LAPP Grow platform. This already provides more than 7,000 online training opportunities – from e-learning to in-person training, which can be booked directly in LAPP Grow. All LAPP, employees can choose from a wide range of relevant and interesting learning content on a variety of topics: from compulsory training on occupational safety to professional further training, for example on plastics technology, right up to courses promoting the development of soft skills, such as the interpretation of body language. LAPP Grow provides an overview of all further training and development activities within the company – and the format in which they are carried out. The advantage of this is that the platform can be accessed by all employees worldwide.

Learn what you need right now anywhere at any time

HR Management & Organizational Development specialist Christina Krieg has already tested LAPP Grow and has found: “LAPP Grow provides access to a variety of learning content from a single platform. Previously, I had to trawl through our intranet and various other systems for content. Now, LAPP Grow offers me internal and external content bundled together on one platform.“

The special feature is that all employees can log in to the learning environment with their PC, laptop or smartphone at any time – whether in the office, at home or on the move – making use of waiting times. LAPP Grow thus enables self-directed, flexible and self-organised learning – each person learns in a work-related manner and at their own pace and according to their individual possibilities and needs.
Feedback on the design of the platform has also been positive: “The interface is clear and user-friendly, so I was able to find my way around it quickly,” said Rebecca Kümmerle from Internal Audits. Benjamin Suljic, Referent of Digital Learning and Development, is responsible for global implementation of LAPP Grow and stresses: “For me, the biggest advantage is that the platform gives all LAPP employees the opportunity to find the content they need at any time, in any place. In this way, LAPP Grow combines learning and development opportunities and acts as a foundation for a learning organisation.“

The project as a learning process

LAPP Grow commenced in October 2021 with the go-live for LAPP Holding AG. The next stage was the APAC region and its German site. It will gradually be taken on board by all national subsidiaries around the world.
Sampatkumar B. Aratti, Vice President and Head of HR APAC, emphasises the importance of LAPP Grow for the development of the entire LAPP Group: “Companies can only develop successfully if their employees are constantly learning. This is why, throughout the LAPP Group, our motto is “Level up” . With LAPP Grow, we are implementing a format where employees are empowered by easy-to-access training opportunities which enable them to expand their professional and social skills while providing an opportunity to further their education – alongside their day-to-day tasks.“ The online academy, which invites people to develop in a relaxed learning atmosphere, promotes the LAPP culture of lifelong learning. Working together with colleagues from around the world, LAPP Grow provides all employees with the opportunity to build up their skills and grow closer together thereby raising the level of knowledge in the entire organisation – while at the same time updating’ it. “Our aim with LAPP Grow is to find, recruit, develop and retain the best talents for the long term,” Jasmin Capitano, Head of Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding & People Development LA EMEA concludes. “We have noticed how critical such issues are for potential applicants and are therefore clearly highlighting the opportunities available at LAPP.”