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Compact monitoring device for data cables

Until now, there were only two options for maintaining machine and plant parts: either parts were replaced if they were already defective, or parts that still worked were replaced at specific intervals as a precaution.

However, thanks to Industry 4.0 and digitalization, there is a more efficient alternative to reactive maintenance: preventive maintenance. The idea behind this is to carry out maintenance measures depending on actual performance. Which is also possible for connection systems, such as cables or connectors.

Although LAPP cables last for many years, in situations with highly dynamic movements at high speeds and strong torsion, it is advantageous and more cost-effective to monitor cables to avoid unexpected stops that impair productivity.

ETHERLINE® GUARD is the latest innovative solution from LAPP

This compact device monitors the performance of ethernet cables and, when there is a risk of failure, displays what the fault is.

An excellent way to enjoy the benefits of preventive maintenance!

Advantages of ETHERLINE® GUARD

  • Increase system visibility and capability to plan downtimes for reduced maintenance costs.
  • Plug and play solution for both new and existing networks that does not require a new data line or changes to the cable designs.
  • Reliable IIoT communications thanks to the MQTT interface (for status/data evaluation, settings, WLAN configuration, updating, etc.).
  • Compact design ideal for use in control cabinet.


  • Suitable for 2-pair EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP and PROFINET applications;
  • Suitable for use in Ethernet-based networks for automation technology;
  • Suitable for monitoring the service life of a data cable at risk of failure (e.g. critical function data cable in dynamic applications);
  • Suitable for data cables according to transmission standard 100BASE-TX (with 100 Mbit/s) according to IEEE 802.3; 
  • Suitable for use in control cabinets (protection class IP 20).

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