Cable assemblies – ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CABLES: cable systems made by LAPP

With ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CABLES, we offer you the right cable assembly solution – regardless of the application. For over 30 years, our dedicated and highly qualified expert team of engineers, technicians, sales, and service employees have been coming up with tailor-made preassembled cable solutions – from the design phase to the creation of the prototype to production and quality control. We care for everything and develop tailored cable assemblies for you with our robust ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CABLES – always with the highest quality. This gives you more time for what’s essential: your core business!

Our comprehensive inventory of cables, plug connectors, and accessories that we have developed enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to your requirements – from smaller orders to large-scale projects. You get complete connection solutions with us from a single source, from a simple cable with a plug connector or spiral cable to a fully assembled cable harness. This simplifies the ordering process and reduces the work you must put in. Thanks to our cable assemblies, you also have less cutting loss, coil residue, and packaging work, as we deliver directly to where the products are needed.

We also offer you an expert all-around service. Our experts are on hand to support you, from needs analysis and design concept to prototype development right through to needs-based assembly and quality control. No matter what industry you work in, our system engineers know all the special applications and use their in-depth knowledge to develop your individual cable assemblies.

Our product range stretches from single cores and multi-core cables to EMC-shielded cables, all of which can be fitted with a wide selection of crimp contacts, plugs, and housings.

The benefits to you

  • You minimize the procedures, time, and human resources required
  • Fewer suppliers mean fewer resources must be devoted to registration, inspection, and storage
  • Lower costs due to lower cutting loss, coil residue, and packaging work.

All-round service

Take advantage of our expert all-around service and concentrate on your core business.

This includes:

  • A customer-specific needs analysis
  • Optimizing your connection solution
  • Creation of conceptual drawings
  • Compiling material lists
  • Cable assemblies tailored to your needs
  • A final quality control

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