TRONIC Single Core System

LAPP single core systems

The perfect solution for single-core storage, transport, and processing.

It can quickly happen that individual boxes or boxed coils are not arranged at their respective workplaces. As a result, these elements can get in the way, and there may even be a risk of tripping over them. In this case, the safety of the spaces is not fully guaranteed.

With modules, single cores are protected. You can hang the modules on the bar of the single-core cart or place them on the office cart. Many customers also place these modules in the control cabinet. Their use gives a visually pleasing appearance and a tidy workbench.

The systems make for easy handling and storage. With LAPP solutions, single cores are in modules. These can be easily removed and replenished with exact quantities. 

With the help of the single core cart, several single cores can be transported at the same time.

Simple winding and unwinding of single wires

If you want to pull a single core out of the cardboard box, a spiral is inevitably created. If you are not careful, one or several twists will occur, which must be reversed or cut out.

 Suspension on the single-core cart or TRONIC module facilitates the winding and unwinding of single cores. The single core sits neatly in the cable duct, which also protects the product from damage.

 LAPP Single Core Solutions

The TRONIC Module consists of two TRONIC Single Core boxes connected via a rack. The frame design of the TRONIC modules allows them to be stacked with other TRONIC modules. In addition, it supports the single-core cutting process.

The TRONIC Box is the perfect solution for storing, transporting and handling Single Core. These boxes are usually used in combination with a compatible Single Core cart.

Item number: 85001632

Capacity: 1 single core

Compatible Single Core Trolleys: TRONIC 12 Single Core Trolley

Item number: 85001624

Capacity: 12 single cores

48 TRONIC single-core trolley: The TRONIC module consists of two TRONIC single-core boxes connected via a rack. The rack design of the TRONIC modules allows them to be stacked together. They are also compatible with 6×2 and 18×2 trolley solutions.

Item number: 85001629

Capacity: 48 single cores

Item Number: 85001625

Capacity: 2 single cores

Compatible single core carts:

Single core cart TRONIC Module 6 x 2

Item number: 85001621

Capacity: 12 single cores

Single core cart TRONIC module 18 x 2

Item number: 85001622

Capacity: 36 single cores

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