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Monitoring Etherline Guard data cables


Until now, there were two alternatives for the maintenance of machine components in the industry: Maintenance is carried out when there is a breakdown or maintenance is carried out only at scheduled intervals as a preventive measure.

However, due to digitalisation and Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance is more efficient than reactive or preventive maintenance.

The idea will be to maintain the systems depending on the performance status of the components. Predictive maintenance is also possible be applied to cables and connectors.

Etherline guard

Although LAPP cables last for years, in situations with great demands on movement, speed and torsion, it is advantageous and more economical to monitor the wires to avoid prolonged and unexpected stops of the systems that lead to production breaks.

ETHERLINE® GUARD is an innovative solution from LAPP. A compact device that monitors the state of health of ethernet cables subject to significant physical and dynamic stress with risk of failure.


  • It increases the availability of machines and systems, such as planning machine downtime. Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Easy on-the-fly deployment with automatic configuration (“teach-in” in just a few minutes).
  • It does not require any changes to the existing cabling system.
  • Due to the compact design, it uses little physical space.
  • Cloud communication due to MQTT interface (for status/data, settings, Wifi, updates etc.)
  • Available in two versions: PM03T for physical LAN connection and “PM02TWA” for wireless WIFI connection
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For use in Ethernet networks in automation technology.
Monitoring data cables with risk of failure (critical and dynamic applications).
For data cables with data transmission, use the 100Base-TX (100Mbps) standard according to IEEE 802.3.
Also applicable for EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP and PROFINET 2-pair applications.




Monitoring Etherline Guard data cables

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Monitoring Etherline Guard data cables

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